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Strange crown of lavender



One of the PCs I assigned to a quest came back with a crown of lavender... it gives you an ability, immunity to something or other and then there is an additional text that just says irritating. It apparently causes the same damage to me that I'm immune to whilst using the device. I have no idea what an irritating head piece does as I still haven't seen any damage done to myself whilst using it.


Is the description wrong??? I'm at work now so I can't post the real description until tonight.

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Hey there ArnoldRimmer!


So the Lavender Wreath gives the player immunity to Sickened, and also sickens enemies that attack that character. So when the Irritating description says "characters hitting self", it means enemies hitting the character with this item equipped.


Also note that the items that give an effect to "characters hitting self" are currently displayed as *EffectError* in the combat log. This is a known issue and we are currently working on it.


Hope that helps!

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I try my very best.

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Ok Thanks. I started using it on my fighter, the other fighter has some kind of item that lets him cast sicken so it's quite useful when they are fighting together with the other 4 hanging back using ranged weapons... I think though the description should explain it better, at first I thought it was some kind of cursed item or something it didn't make any sense.

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