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New Zone leading to failure of quest "A Call to Court"

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Started a new play through today, and having cleared the exterior of Cead Nua, but prior to clearing the Great Hall I noticed the new zone "Yenwood Field". Cool! I thought to myself, and went there right away. 


As it turned out, there was nothing there except a large number of very angry looking people, so I left without a fight.  I headed back to Cead Nua, where to my surprise I was on the wrong side of the barbican. So, nothing to do but head on out and come from the Black March side I thought...


But instead, noticing that Woodend Plains was now an available travel destination from the south side of Cead Nua, I headed on down there, grabbed Sagani for my party, and went on through the Aedelwan Bridge into Copperlane - at which point I believe I received the quest "A Call to Court". 


Now here's the problem - I had not at this point cleared the Cead Nua Great Hall. So now when I aggro the undead in the Great Hall, the first thing they do is rush over and annihilate the quest NPC for "A Call to Court" leading to quest failure. No chance of my catching them prior to his demise as far as I can tell. 


So this quest NPC could be moved to the doorway of the Great Hall in future builds, possibly? Also, I am not sure why Yenwood Field is open for travel at this point in the game, possible bug?



I would post this in the bugs forum, but I don't see a bugs forum, so I'll post this to general in the hopes that a kind mod will move it if appropriate. 

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