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Unable to loot after 3.0 Steam update





I recently started playing Pillars and immediately after the 3.000.967 release, my characters are no longer able to loot downed enemies on a specific quest.




I installed the 2.0.?? version of this game approximately 2 weeks ago and was experiencing some minor annoyances with the quest vocal audio from time to time, but nothing serious.  Today I logged in to play and found that I was unable to loot a group of mobs for the quest "All Hands on Deck".


I tested looting from other mobs in the game and had no problems looting them.  This bug appears to be limited in scope to the quest mentioned. 


Save Game


I tried to upload my save game but was hit with a file size restriction.  Here is a link to the file from Google Drive:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4l6zPogYSzwbExYbXR0Zzd1OG8/view?usp=sharing


Instructions to Reproduce


Loading the save will place you just north of the bandits who robbed the chest for "All Hands on Deck". 


1.  Walk 10 meters south and begin combat

2.  Kill all of the bandits, be sure to insult their fashion choices first.

3.  Try and loot them - you will be unable to do so.



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Aye, having this same issue in Ondra's Gift. Got attacked by thugs and couldn't loot them for a quest item, after trying multiple things I became worried that the quest was stuck. After reading this though, resting until daytime allowed me to loot the items.


Thank you noting it and working on a fix.

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