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Am not interested in min-maxing myself, was just nosy to see what you had done to be honest. Never mind then, I seem unable to get the time to play it myself at the mo, and when I do I spend more time trying to decide race rather than actually playing. :D

Well, in that case I will just drop the attribute spread that I am using. My Scholar of Pain served me well enough in a party without hirelings at act 2 PoTD, even against those Forge Knight bastards.


Pale Elf


17 MIG

08 CON

19 DEX

10 PER

16 INT

08 RES


I think that maybe I could get better damage from lowering DEX to max MIG, and that Island Aumana could be a more effective race choice, if less aestheticaly pleasing to me.


Compared to Edér, my Scholar of Pain dies slightly earlier, but does much more damage during the beggining of the fight, and the greater duration of Barrage is quite noticeable. I equiped her with Tall Grass, since I had no barbarians, but she really did shine with Firebrand.


Maybe it is not an as effective user of Tall Grass and Firebrand as a properly built Barbarian or Rogue, but the Scholar of Pain proved herself versatile, durable enough to hold the line against multiple foes, and very good at throwing Fans of Flame throught entire mobs.


Interesting!  I wouldn't have thought of dropping con and resolve on a Fighter, completely different from the typical build, I like! :)

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Interesting! I wouldn't have thought of dropping con and resolve on a Fighter, completely different from the typical build, I like! :)

Well, she is no tank, quite far from it. The Scholar of Pain worked well on a party with sturdy casters who don't really need dedicated tanks and a damage focused frontline, but I don't know how she would perform compared to a more traditional damage dealing fighter in a different composition. I know that in longer, more drawn out fights she loses a part of her charm as Barrage and Frenzy run out and the big foes, despite having taken loads of damage, are still standing.


I plan to eventualy make a side-by-side comparison of her and AndreaColombo's Lady of Pain, whom inspired this build, but what really matters for now is that investing in the supposed "dump stat" is very viable for Fighters.

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A high int fighter also seems like a good choice to wield the soulbound Abydon's Hammer for the Ring of the Ancient Forge power (http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/84278-wm-ii-items/?p=1776020), use barrage and you get fast high-accuracy foe AoE stun per encounter.

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