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Why you should make another fallout game

Fnv Lover

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Dear obsidian(if you are even reading this) I personally think your fallout is the best.Fallout 3 was bland,had a crap story,and the unique weapons were just small stat boosts with no real special effects or new design.That is why I did not waste any time playing that super boring game.As for Fallout 4,it kinda dissapointed me with the barely profitable and hard to make settlement system and the excruciatingly annoying rad system.The only reason I played it again is because I was looking for something that would make me love it, disappointly I dindn't.As for Fallout New Vegas wow,where can I start.Do I start with the gargantuan amounts of side quests,the diverse and unique special effects and design of unique weapons,or the mastercrafted ending system that took your descisons and bundled them up to create a creative and diverse ending almost every time you played through.The only (and I mean only) things wrong with FNV are the bugs and the graphics.Even with the bugs and graphics I still put a total of 250 hours in it and don't even remember how many playthroughs I have done because I have done a ridiculous amount.If (I really hope you do) make another fallout game,keep everything the same including the great perk system just add, more perks,a different and cool location, and a even better ending system.

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Rather than scribbling with Bethesda's leftovers, I think I'd rather see Obsidian Kickstart a game that has all the design sensibilities and goals Fallout originally had, but with a setting that explores a dystopian near future where "the apocalypse" - what ever it may be... natural disasters, new world order conflicts... - is just one step away and the societies have started collapsing.


It wouldn't have the Fallout setting (and frankly speaking, what's been done to it has made it feel much less interesting and original than it used to be), but thematically and mechanically it might be very similiar.

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Perkele, tiädäksää tuanoini!

"It's easier to tolerate idiots if you do not consider them as stupid people, but exceptionally gifted monkeys."

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They should make parrarel series. Same post apocalyptic setting, different gimmick. Like wasteland = post apoc with 90s, cowboy retro future setting


Underrail =biochemical post apoc


Age of decadence = magic/middle east sci fi post apoc setting

I am sure the writers at obsidian can come up with something familiar but refreshing at the same time.

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