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Yo guys and girls!


I will be streaming WM2 in around 2,5 hours (7:30 pm GMT+1) http://www.twitch.tv/killyox/


So feel free to jump in, talk about the game or anything else for that matter and lets enjoy it together.

I may talk in English and Polish a bit depending on who's watching. Be sure to chat and don't be shy about it!


After I saw the Eyeless I thought "Damn I will get my ass handed to me on live...". And that's most likely the case!


What's my party comp?


Merc Barb (out when I get new companion!)



Devil of Caroc


My sweet Wizard :D


Why do I post this here? Because I want to play the game and enjoy it with other people at the same time duh! More followers wouldn't hurt either. I recently started Streaming and YT channel. PS if it so happens that someone would give a donation (hell if I know why :p) 50% of it goes to charity.


I will be doing a review of White March p2 on YouTube around 20-21st of February too.



I will be streaming for about 4-5 hours

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