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Current priest deity-specific talents are weak in my opinion. Additional weapon accuracy is rather fine but deity-specific spells are not worth it. In my latest playthrough as a priest of Eothas I never used Hope Eternal. In my previous playthroughs I almost never used Magran's Summer Flames simply because generic priest spells are much better. Only priest of Skaen has decent talent. So I've decided to suggest enhanced versions of the talents that will be useful during all of the game. Here we go!

Aura range: 5m.
Duration: 15 sec.
Effects: nullifies Frightened, Terrified, Knocked Down and Struck when casted, grants +20 defence against these debuffs and revives fallen ally with 30 Endurance. Revives only allies that were fallen when aura was active and does not revives the same ally twice(even the god of redemption's gotta have standards).
1 per encounter.

Duration: 15 sec.
Effects: User: +25% fire dmg, +5 accuracy and 10% hit to crit conversion with arquebus and sword.
1 per encounter.

Name: Obscured Face.
Duration: 10 sec.
Effects: Allied target: grants Invisibility, cannot be hit. Attacking or using abilities/items breaks Invisibility.
3 per rest.

Type: passive.
Effects: Baby Sneak Attack, 30% chance to set Hobbled for 3 sec with Baby Sneak Attack.

Duration: 15 sec.
Effects: Friendly Target: drains additional 20% raw damage as Endurance vs. Fortitude with each hit. If friendly target uses AoE attack, spell drains life of enemy with lowest Fortitude.
1 per encounter.

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I don't know whether they are not too strong, but the concept is good. It would bring more colours to the game - I like idea of the Eothasian priest being surrounded by an aura of calmness and optimism, same as Wael's messing with the enemy's perception. A differentiated spell set would have done it much better, but even one meaningful ability is a nice touch. By the way, weren't the priests supposed to have different spell list in the early concepts?

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