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[v3.00.957 PX1-Steam] Combat mode starts when entering Galawains Maw



Combat mode starts when I enter Galawains Maw even though no one there is hostile. If i reload the autosave from entering I am not in combat mode. Happened when I first entered and still happens now even though I've finished the quest.


Savegame from oldsong outside the maw: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jvi1huunz04pkbu/fa3f59669b09445f81330190166690b8%2022229106%20Oldsong.savegame?dl=0

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Hey guys,


This is fixed and will be in the 3.02 patch.

Good to hear. I have also now encountered this bug where I get stuck in a combat mode initiated by Einden upon entering Galawain's Maw. Here is my latest savegame just outside the Maw in case any more investigation is needed in the future. Entering the maw will trigger the bug:


Playing on latest Steam version.


Is there a planned release date for 3.02 yet? Is it safe to continue playing other parts of the game until then?

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