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Linux audio problems





I'm having audio issues with Pillars of Eternity on Debian GNU/Linux kernel version 4.4.0-rc8. I am able to get POE running and play the game, but there is no audio. If I execute start.sh from command line using sudo then audio works.


I don't generally have audio issues, all of my other programs and games work except for one: Bastion (on Steam). That game has the same issue, that audio only works when running sudo, so I think the two may be related. Do they both use the same engine? I noticed that both have folders with Mono. Is it possible that the sound issues are related to this:




In any case, here are links to pastebin where I have placed the results of an alsa-info.sh test and my player.log file.




The alsa log should have the relevant system specs.


Any ideas?

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Hello bballstatue,


Welcome to the forums and thanks for joining us! Bastion and PoE uses different engines so I'm not sure what could be related with the two games. Do you know if other games where the audio is working also have a Mono folder? Are you using proprietary drivers or open source? 



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Looks like it's a problem with Mono. Just got Kerbal Space Program which also invokes mono and sound is not working unless I execute via sudo. My bet is that there is a permissions issue with mono, or all these games with separate mono folders are interfering with each other.

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