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KOTOR 2 Door won't open in Peragus - Hangar Bay

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Hi, I picked up KOTOR2 in the steam sale and was enjoying it, but I have reached the part where you are about to get back to your ship and escape the Peragus mining station, but in the Hangar Bay area, the door at the top of the stairs leading down to the decontamination area has a 'Mining Droid Mark I' literally inside the door, and I can't attack the droid to clear it, or open the door because the droid is blocking it. I've tried running back into previous area and coming back, reloading, restarting etc but it is always still there, so I can't open the door and progress at all. I was wondering is there some way to go in the console to reset the enemies or open the door etc, or something else I can do to fix this because its a shame since I was enjoying the game up to this point. Thanks for any help.

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