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For a DPS Paladin- are weapon styles and specializations worth it?

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There are many good weapons, and you can enchant also most special weapons and give them an Accuracy bonus.


As a Paladin I would start with other talents ... unless you really are into a particular weapon class.


Also don't forget that you can reskill your hero at every inn.

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I think +6 accuracy on a weapon is worth it for any character (except perhaps for a pure spell caster).


But yes, it's annoying when you find a nice weapon that you're not specialized in. Still, you have 6 party members. If you decide in advance, and give everyone a different specialization, you should be able to cover most of the weapon types. 

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Ehh, I think all the weapon groups are good. Each just has some unique advantages.

  • Adventurer -- best 2H weapon (estoc), ranged weapon which doesn't deal pierce damage (sceptre, useful against critters immune to Piercing)
  • Soldier -- best reach weapon (pike -- Tall Grass rules), best artefact non-soulbound 2H weapon (Tidefall), excellent slow ranged weapons (arbalest, arquebus)
  • Knight -- fairly well-rounded group although not "top of the class" in any particular characteristic. Very good all-round 1H weapon (sword), very good 2H weapon (morningstar), very good ranged weapon (crossbow). Weak in fast weapons, and none of the others are best-in-class, although exceptionally good ones are available early in most categories. I would've swapped out the battleaxe for a fast 1H weapon.
  • Peasant -- arguably best fast ranged weapon (hunting bow -- with the right talents, this _shreds_), best tanky weapon (hatchet, because of the deflection bonus), excellent 2H reach weapon (quarterstaff). This is IMO the most well-rounded group of them all.
  • Noble -- most accurate weapon IMO best for fast-hitting Interrupt builds (rapier, good ones are to be had early), two implements (wand and rod, great for wizards), best armour-piercing 1H weapon (mace). Weak in slow, hard-hitting weapons.
  • Ruffian -- best alpha-strike ranged weapon (blunderbuss), best raw damage 1H weapon (sabre), best fast armor-piercing weapon (stiletto). Weak in slow, hard-hitting weapons.

I honestly can't think which one's my favourite. I like all of them. Maybe I like Knight the least, but on the other hand there are all those sweet swords and crossbows lying around, so... well, I usually end up putting that one character anyway. 

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