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Is there no way of haveing a legal p2p network 100-200-300 name the price i would pay it but damn there is no ware safe to download music or movies it pisses me off when i go to a so called legal p2p site it just says that. it all just smells fishy only 1.00 a month or only a cent a day if you have a recomendation please let me know i want a legal site. i dont want to risk getin sued by the riaa damn them old greedy basterds.

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by a "legal" p2p site, as in irrefutably legal and not borderline sued, the seeder or p2p organisation would have to legally buy every single copy of everything that is traded, then pay a massive amount more, tracking how many people acquire the same item. Insanely impossible.


there is and won't be for a while a "legal" p2p network in that sense. Go buy music at iTunes or something. :)

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whel any way i haw newer herard about any being sued by downloding  stuff from an p2p network.

haw you???


yes i have...i kid when i was in high school got sued for 500 thousand dollars for about 30 gigs worth of songs. although they eventually dropped it to a grand that he had to pay.


If you really want be safe, live somewhere that its not illegal to download music...or where they don't really care if you do. some third world country perhaps.

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