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hi there.


info: im playing a six man potd run of poe+wm1 (version 2.03).


i retrained my former cc/tank monk to an unarmed dps monk. the resulting values i get from unarmed accuracy/damage are too good to be true compared to any other builds/classes i tried before (and i tried many).

please see the added screenshots of the unbuffed monk (no potions/grp buffs etc active). btw if i switch to a superb weapon my accuracy drops by about 30, so its probably an unarmed bug.


is that a known bug and how can i get rid off it (bc id really like to play an unarmed dps monk, but not an overpowered bugged one)?


thanks in advance for any help :)




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Hard to tell without seeing equipment, but check what the combat log says, as it will display the actual attack calculation with the correct accuracy.  There have been bugs in the past with the character sheet UI displaying incorrect numbers

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It's a known bug. While retraining, the game won't remove the bonus from Transcendent Suffering. It will get applied over and over again every time you retrain. You could build a monk that kills everything with one hit that way. :)


The bug is filed and will be fixed. You just have to wait.


The only way to bring him to lvl 12 would be the usage of the console:

open console

type "iRoll20s"

type "addExperienceToLevel 12"


You will lose all steam achievements of that savegame id you type in the iRoll20s thing though.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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