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Accuracy bonus of Borresaine not effective?





I just noticed that my self-made Cipher Companion is reported to have 44 Accuracy with Borresaine and 48 with a regular fine war bow although Borresaine is also supposed to be "fine". 


Tried to upload a savegame but apparently I can only upload 507KB the savegame is 1,5MB. 


I just noticed that reloading the save corrects the issue anyway. Still weird though. Is something like that known? 

And: do I have to check every weapon buff every five minutes? :D



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Could it have been some sort of status effect that wore off, maybe? What I would do is just take a gander from time to time, especially when you have your inventory open for other stuff, and check to see. If, over time, it doesn't happen, it will clearly show as having been some sort of fluke. Anyhow, I'll let more erudite members find a better answer for you.

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