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What's the current state of high-reoslution text?

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I stopped playing a while back and I'm thinking of coming back to finish my campaign and start on the expansion, especially given the Steam sale!


One of the things that was annoying was the text blurriness on high resolution displays. Anything other than 1920x1080 was just not crisp ... I think I spent as much time mucking about technically as playing!


So ... before I bundle up my 2560 monitor to take home from work to play some PoE, will I regret it?

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NGUI (the UI package used for the game) uses bitmap fonts and has a crappy scaling algorithm. I don't think that this issue will ever be fixed for Pillars of Eternity. If they migrate to Unity 5 or Unreal 4, then the problem likely will not appear in the sequel.

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Yeh that would be epic.


Took a punt and brought the monitor home anyway - while its not perfect the fonts are significantly sharper in the current build for me than launch so I'm kind of chuffed by that. Guess the whining of the > 1920 crowd was listened to.


Kind of amazing that any UI would be written with a raster fonts these days! I only write boring old business software and I know better than that ;)


I guess the limited budget of the kickstarter may have made it a bit of a trade off decision not to go with a vector-based solution. But one of the problems with older games like the BGEE etc is the scaling issues with modern monitors, and the clear and obvious trend from here to 2020 is rapidly increasing pixel counts and densities in consumer displays... anyway trldr; its better than it used to be so I no longer feel like I'm going blind.

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EDIT: nvm.

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