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Are certain classes more proficient with certain weapons?

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I was wondering whether or not there is some sort of proficiency system with characters in terms of what weapons they are better at. If so, where can I see that?


Thank You!

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Fairly sure there isn't.


Everyone can use everything and take any WF talent; starting Accuracy is the only thing that differentiates classes in terms of their ability to hit/crit, but it does not discriminate across weapon types.

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Usually not but you have a couple of exceptions to take into account:

- Wizard blast talent only works implements

- Many ranger abilities only works with ranged weapons

- Twin arrows from rangersonly works with... well... bows

- Many abilities from fighters (knockdown, sundering blows...), barbarians (carnage...) and monks (torment reach...) only works with melee weapons

- skills labelled full attack (blinding strike from rogues, torment reach from monks) gets 2 attacks for the price of 1 when used while dual wielding. That makes them better with 1 hander.

- priest got a talent that gives them huge bonus with their deity favored weapons. For example, priest of Magran gets a bonus with arquebus and sword)


Then you have lot of less direct advantages that favors certain weapon style over each other.

For example paladins tends to be tanks so you'll usually prefer 1 hander and shield. If you pick Flame of Devotion ability that works only with 2 attacks, you usually prefer using it with big slow firearms... etc...

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And there are special talents for priests that let them gain +10 accuracy with two weapons that fit their deity. For example a priest of Magran can get +10 accuracy for arquebus and sword. 

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There is no system per say. There are accuracy differences and talents that sometimes work better with one type of weapon than another tactically speaking. For example, the monk's torment's reach and the rogue's 2 special attacks, are full attacks. Meaning if you have two weapons wielded, it procs on both weapon. Or fist in the case of the monk. It's not necessary, it's just a tactical benefit.


While every class can put points into gaining accuracy for any type or group of weapons, most people focus on a specific build. A class/talent combination that uses specific weapons to maximize output.

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