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2.02 GOG Manual Update Fixed

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We worked with GOG to fix the manual update problems that people were having and GOG let me know that they have rolled out the fixed updaters.


For those of you having problems, please let me know if this solves everything for you.

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That was just file cleanup. No fixes or anything.

FYI they fixed at least one thing, the extra kickstarter rewards some non kickstarter backers were getting.


That was the clean up.


I meant it more in terms of no additional gameplay fixes were added.

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GOG let me know that they have rolled out the fixed updaters.


Zoinks! Me english be having limits!

Is this some kind of idiom?

Could someone please explain what does this mean?


Thank you in advance ;)

It would be of small avail to talk of magic in the air...

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GOG has released updated patches.


"let" is the Simple Past form of "to let"; "GOG let me know" is similar to "GOG told me".

"to roll out" means "to release".

An "updater" is a computer program that brings another program up to date. ;)

And "fixed" means that there were some errors in that "updater" and they have corrected them. :D

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Therefore I have sailed the seas and come

To the holy city of Byzantium. -W.B. Yeats


Χριστός ἀνέστη!

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I downloaded both of the new patches and went to run them. Both times I got the "update already installed ' message. So the patches are the same as they were.


The big change is that if you buy and download the game now it starts off as version 2.01 and there is only one patch available that brings it up to 2.02. There are still a vanilla patch and a White March patch.

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I am getting the update already applied message as well and I do not think I patched the directory I am using now.

I had previously used a test directory and backed my main on an external just in case it messed up.  Which it did.

Now its reading as if it already got applied but it did not so that means to me it got registered in the registry and the only way to fully fix it is to find that registry entry and delete it or fully download the 2.01 and use their slopfest method of dual patching again.  Which I assume will continue on for any other patches in the future.  And so far it looks like to really get it to work I have to download the full install of each iteration of the game.  How the hell does this even continue for this long??


This means for this game I have used about 13x4 gb+ altogether so far.  Probably around 60gb when it could have been around >20gb


I am not confident its truly fixed yet so I am going to wait to hear something from people who have used it.

GoGs forums do not even mention it which is such a fail!

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