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Iziz Cantina Dark Side Trap Bug

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Hey everyone, throwing this out to anyone who has an idea what to do, maybe an expert modder...


I've recently had issues with my first visit to onderon.  Normally if I aid Anda and then get attacked by vaklu's soldiers at the cantina Tobin will interrupt after I kill the first one and negotiate an alliance with me.  On my last two characters however when I aid Anda and then kill the first cantina soldier, instead of alliance talk, the audio/dialogue cuts to when Tobin locks the palace outer door ("shut the outer door now!") on you and you have to explore the palace to find a way to open it.  The whole scene isn't in place, but the dialogue is no longer alliance and all of it sets you to LS "royal deadline" quest by default, after the dialogue I can still speak with Tobin again, but then he starts with "will you just die already? you will go no further than this." and the convo based on that loops around each time you speak with him and there is nothing else to do but leave onderon, making it so you can never negotiate an alliance with vaklu, are stuck joining talia, and can't kill master kavar at the palace. 


Possible mods to look into for bugs


Onderon Palace Expanded where rooms that are normally inaccessible open up with goodies for you.

Latest TSLRCM patch

Extended Enclave mod

Tomb of Azgath N'Dul which is extremely difficult to install and provides no instruction on how to properly uninstall it so I have no idea if that's the cause.

Coruscant Temple mod (used fix to make it compatible with M4-78 but I dunno)


Thank you any readers.

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