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[Linux][GOG] Unofficial patches

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Hello fellow GNU/Linux GOGers!


As you most probably know GOG does now provide patches for Linux games. Which is great, they’re quick to download and easy to apply so you might think it would be the end of my work on unofficial patches. At least that’s what I thought…


As you most probably noticed, especially if you have a poor Internet access, GOG does *not* provide patches for The White March, Part 1, and you’re stuck downloading the whole ~2.8 GiB each time it gets updated. Well, you don’t need to do it anymore wink.png


Like I did previously with the base game, I’m now building patches for its extension, and I’ll keep doing it until GOG takes care of this themselves. So you just need to go to the following page for download links and instructions:

unofficial patches for Pillars of Eternity


Your feedback is welcome here, as well as your thanks, calls for help, reminders I’m late for a patch, etc.

I hope your bandwidth will like the work I put into these patches wink.png

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Looks like the torrents have no tracker and no dht, running for 20 minutes, not one peer found. Switch to downloads.

There’s no tracker, but I’m sharing them 24h/24.

Depending on your luck it might take more or less than 20 minutes for the download via BitTorrent to start.


No problem if you switched to direct download, I put the files there so you could ;)

Just please add them to your BitTorrent seeding directory afterwards, so that the next one interested in these patches may not have to wait 20 minutes or more before finding a peer.


By the way, I tested them only on my machine so it would be nice if you could confirm that everything work as intended on your side too.




I guess it would be a good idea to add a tracker to my future .torrent, but I first need to learn how to set up one.

If you have some hints about this they would be most welcome ;)

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I will confirm it after reinstalling my graphic driver, last security update gave it a version bumb (331 to 340), with the slight problem that the new version is not compatible with my kernel. -.-


*edit*  Only the mesa dri part got faulty, nvidea driver still works.

But the game does not look like 2.01, it still writes 2.00.0706 PX1 in the bottom. Do I need booth patches? The gog base game incremental and yours?


*edit 2* The gog patcher for 2.01 after your rdiff took all available space and then stood still for too long.

Now i have the urgent feeling that the os installed on this pc is trashed enough, so I have to do the long postponed reinstall.

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New patches have been uploaded, allowing to update PoE to version 3.02.1008.

As usual, you will find separate patches for the base game and each part of the expansion, so you won’t have to download more data than you really need.


Following advice from Gatsu on ubuntu-fr.org, I added the .torrent files to a couple open trackers. The main difference for you will be that the download via BitTorrent should now start nearly instantly, instead of taking sometimes more than one full hour before finding the first peer.

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Pinned your posts so people can find it easily!

Thank you for the extra visibility ;)


While I have your attention, I’d like to know Obsidian opinion on the next part of this patch project: I’m planning to build similar patches for the Linux DVD version of the game that got sent to backers. But before starting to work on this, I would like to be sure I wil be allowed to share them…


If you’re okay with this, you can expect patches to update the DVD version to 3.02 some time next week ;)

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It’s highly unlikely that Obsidian would publish new patches to Pillars of Eternity, and this project hasn’t seen a lot of activity lately… So I’m planning to take down the patches in a not-so-far future.


Feel free to download them and host them anywhere if you would like to see them kept alive.


I don’t know yet what I will do about the patches for the DVD version, these ones I might keep maintaining longer.

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