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Chanter BUG, unable to assign phrases, creates multiple copies



This issue occured after respeccing my Chanter who is my main. Reloading my game doesnt fix anything and niether does restarting the game.

Unable to edit phrases within the "edit chants" book.
The right page is blank and where you would normally assign phrases into ABCD etc... is not centered on the page and is running off the bottom of the book.

If I do try and assign phrases to the book to chant, it simply creates multiple copies of the chant and the action bar grows longer with multiple copies. No chanting icons can be seen on the right page only the off center chant grid things running off the bottom of the page.



Dropbox link:

Contains 2x screen shots of issue, output log, dxdiag stats, a before save, an after save.



This is pretty game breaking for myself considering the character is my main, searching for similar issues before this post I also found this post which has a simlar issue except this dude was able to work around it slightly:



Woulnd't have found this bug if I wasn't respeccing after being slaughtered by the Adra Dragon down in Od Nua, please if possible fix asap, I've got a score to settle. That and I'd like to buy White March....


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Hello everyone,


Thank you for uploading those files. I was not able to reproduce the bug initially, but the bug occurred when I retrained a chanter who has all phrases slots filled A, B, C, and D.  I have entered a bug into our database and is in the hands of the appropriate team.


Thank you for your support.

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