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Confused about draining mod after patch

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The 2.01 patch changes, state that the draining mod is properly restored after a save/load. I guess that means that draining mod still exists and is properly working. In my game the mod is missing on tidefall unless i put it in a random container save and then load to take it back (i havent tested if after this method the mod stays permanently or bugs out again along the way). Also after a little research on the internet i see some people saying that draining mod got replaced by some attack speed stealing mod which i cant see in game. What gives?

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I'm still running 2.0 due to all the issues of 2.01, so I can't be a great deal of help there. But as for the stealing mod, in 2.0, after loading a game with a draining weapon, the mod would have been replaced by another mod that said it would steal 5 sec of buffs, and 10% attack speed from a mob on every hit. Sometimes it'd be on the weapon at the start, along with the draining mod, sometimes the draining mod wouldn't be there at the start, as well. Either way, after a load, it would settle with that mod on it.


The problem was, the mod was either broken, or designed extremly OP, as the 10% speed steal would stack on every hit, making anyone with those weapons equipped having insane haste and eating through everything on the field. I hope 2.01 either fixed that mod, or just removed if from the game, as it made any weapon with that on it too good to actually use.

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Some coder content creator decided to create a -10% attack speed drain attribute on weapons and named it "draining" which is the same as endurance draining on various stiletto and flail uniques.


This caused the mod to be replaced by the other mod. In 2.01 they tried to fix the draining mod. In 2.02 they renamed it again and seemed to have fixed it. But on GOG manual update, it breaks the patch because the patch doesn't recognize the drain as being the same file. Galaxy is needed to replace the files. In the patch notes thread, there's someone that uploaded the drain file. Just download that for 2.02 and replace it in the asset bundles folder and it works.

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