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It's been a while since I've used a chanter, but IIRC it didn't used to. It does now.


Thanks, in the description it appears to (i saw that lvls1 increase it lingers with int) but not in the "songs graphic", and everyone that read on the forums was saying that Int didnt extend the linger, between, didn't found an update where it was mentioned.


So... seems actually does, Thanks a lot!

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Another related question, dont want to open a new threat for this: When does the chants trigger, I mean, if you got a chant that lingers during 3 secs, and int of 20 (+50% duration) so it boosted for 1,5 secs, so, totally 4,5 secs. i understand it should be applied 4 times (starting on every second) but what happens with that 0,5 ? for example in The Dragon Thrashed, The Dragon Wailed or Come, Come Soft Winds of Death ? is lost ?



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