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Anyone have some basic rogue build suggestions for 2.01?

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Most of the builds I'm finding are 1.06 - anyone want to chime in with some build options based on the 2.01 patch? Looking for both melee and ranged options or preferably one that does both. (Not a fan of min/max don't like to drop any stats below 8 for RP reasons).


TIA :)

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A rogue with a pike does really good, with Tall Grass does even better.


For me I'd dump intellect and put in resolve. then go 15 might, 18 dex and 15 perception, 10 con, 3 int and 17 resolve. Without dumping you could go with the same but have resolve and intellect both 10.


The pike lets him attack from safety. You can't set up your own flanking but you also don't get splatted when the enemy turns around and whacks you.


Reckless Assault is the cornerstone of the build, huge accuracy buff and good damage.


Since you are not running around behind the enemy lines you can skip the escape or shadowing beyond abilities. This lets you concentrate on damage, accuracy and hit>crit talents. Deep Wounds resets every hit so a low intellect does not hinder unless you want to hit everyone and let the poison tick but I prefer to pick one guy and kill him and then kill the next.


I prefer crippling over blinding strike since it gets you two uses per encounter instead of one. Blind is more useful than hobbling though so it really doesn't matter.


For race I like island Amaumau for the extra weapon slot. I can have a pike, an arbalest/arquebus, and a war hammer & shield or another arbalest/arquebus.


1.) Crippling Strike - I like the two uses

2.) Soldier Focus - I like the accuracy, the earlier the better

3.) Reckless Assault - The basis for the build

4.) Two handed weapon style - more damage

5.) Deep wounds - raw damage

6.) Savage Attack - more damage

7.) Dirty Fighting - hit>crit

8.) Vulnerable Attack - anything 10 or more DR

9.) Evasion - you have a good reflex, even better if you end up taking weapon & shield

10.)Superior Deflection*

11.) Deathblows - lots more damage

12.) the +5 deflection for reckless assault talent*

13.) no experience yet with high level rogue abilities

14.) Weapon & Shield style - can go tanky if needed*



If you went with the int dump > resolve your deflection is not that bad. With a few talents and a good shield you're where a Fighter w/o a shield would be but you hit harder due to sneak attack bonus. Gives you the option of running around the end and setting up your own flanking situations when needed.


Soldier focus gets you the pike for reach and the heavy hitting arbalest/arquebus for the alpha strike. You could instead go with Peasant for the quarterstaff for reach, spear & shield and the hunting bow for ranged. Not as big of an alpha strike but you could quickly shoot everyone with deep wounds and then set in with the quarterstaff.

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There are lots oft ways to play a good rogue. I tried dual wielding sabres with Resolution & Purgatory (+++), dual wielding battle axes with Edge of Reason & We Toki (++), wielding Hours of Saint Rumbalt & Tall Grass (+++). When you have companions that can cause afflictions for you then I would say there's nothing more powerful (DPS wise) than dual sabres. And there are four very good sabres in the game. My favourite one at the moment is Bittercut because it's damage is slash/corrode. You then can dump int like it was said in the post above. But if you want to cause afflictions by yourself with a special attack and a weapon enchantment like on Hours of St. Rumbalt or Tall Grass then you shouldn't dump int because these afflictions don't last very long and your opponent will shrug them off before you can hit the next time. With a fair int value this rogue becomes very powerful though: most enemies don't get up again because you are stun- or pronelocking them while doing tons of damage. Plus: you don't need a lot oft deflection because they don't hit you when they sit on their bottoms.

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With sneak attack and other class features, rogues dish out the highest DPS in the game.  You still want to maximize might and dexterity, as would have been true pre-2.0, but you now want to maximize perception as well for the accuracy bonus.  The remaining three attributes aren't as important to a rogue, unless your party configuration will requre your rogue to make his own sneak-attack opportunities (in which case you need a high intelligence to increase condition duration).  If you do ultimately decide to dump a stat, 2.0's changes to constitution make it somewhat more valuable than resolve for a DPS character so resolve is probably the one you'd want to take to 3.


As far as talents go, rogue weren't affected much by 2.0's deflection nerf because you'd be taking few to no deflection-boosting talents anyway.  However, you could reasonably consider the ranger multiclass talent as it enables you to slow your enemies while also making them vulnerable to sneak attack.  If your party doesn't include a paladin running zealous focus, you could look at the paladin multiclass feat as well (though at least for melee rogues it would generally be better to have your tank take gallant focus while you flank his foes).

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Rogue has some play in it's Talent choices, and doesn't have a ton of great Class ones, so it won't make a huge difference there.


The key Rogue Class talents to take are:

Reckless Assualt on 3,

Deep Wounds on 5,

Dirty Fighting on 7. (Not as key as the other 3, but a clear step above the rest) 

Death Blow on 11.

On PoTD, there are so many enemies with so much hp, per encounter single target abilites have an extremely minimal impact, to the point you really won't notice any difference if you never use them.  You pick them up because, hey, why not, but they don't really influence what the Rogue does at all.


For talents, depends on if you want to go Dual Wield or 2 Hand. You'll also have some 'free' talents to play around with. I normally start 2hand and respect later to Dual Wield. Actually, it changes a lto based on what Act you're in. I personally go:

Weapon Focus on 2. Start With whatever (I do Ruffian), respec into soldier once Tall Grass around 5, back into Ruffian around 11.

Vulnrable Attack on 4. DT penetration gets worse the higher your multiplier, but right now, it's gold.

Two Hand Style- on 6. Boost that Tall Pike Damage.

Improved Dirty Fighting on 8 - Boost that Tall Pike Knockdown.

Savage Attack on 10 - Acc should be firmly in the Black by now, making this a solid + .2 mod.


Those are really the only must haves, for the last two spots you can play it by ear. It might even be best dropping Vulnrable attack, as -5 DT isn't so great when Dual Wield is hitting for base 55 or so by end game. I personally go for Bloody Slaugher, as I go Death Godlike, and use crit sabers for +1.4 mod from crits, just to speed up clean up job. I Also take Quick Runner, just to go with boots of speed to help me more easily set up flanks for Deathblow after the casters debuffs start to wear. An elemental boost might be alright as well, basically just +5% damage, which isn't terrible.


As for play style, Act 1 is mostly just manually flanking things while other dorks where heavy armor and shields hold mobs, as you have limited team members with no consistent ways to get sneak attacks off otherwise.


Act 2 to about half way through Act 3, It's all about hiding behind Tall Grass'n folks for own consistent knock downs.


Act 3.5->Act 4 and the end game I go back to dual sabers for pure damage, As deathblow's given DPS a large boost, and even with the heavy nerfs, a Cipher can still keep everything prone for a good 25 seconds. Rangers are applying liberal stuns to everything with with 4x stun arrows a round, and the other casters will generally have some per encounter aoe to help enable sneak attack, making Tall Grass do it yourself approach no longer needed.

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Concentrate your rogue on activating sneak attacks, death blows and critical hits and increasing your damage with crits by using the right weapons and quest bonus's eg merciless hand.


This build is FAR AND AWAY the most powerful build in this game. My rogue absolutely wrecks everything on POTD. This is the only over powered build that is left after all the patch nerfs. If they nerf this I will be pissed off; I love my rogue

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Very few people seem to talk about the 2 early Stilettos (Oidhreacht and Azureith's)

Azureith is fantastic early on as it steals endurance.

I still use Oidhreacht.  It is the only weapon I have seen that auto uses a spell on crit not has a chance to cast it and its encounter and its AoE. (Jolting Touch)

I like fast weapons for my Rogue and Dual Wielding so I stay away from Tall Grass or stuff like that.

I finally replaced Azureith with Cladhaliath from the ruins in its offensive form which stuns on crits and does 20% more damage to prone etc.


For gear I swap between my mechanics gloves and the deathblow 10% increase gloves.

And the most awesome belt ever for Rogue is Girdle of  the Driving Wave (1 per encounter knockdown)

With this and Death blows I can solo pick off stragglers.  Girdle of course is a lucky find.


As far as stats I built my Rogue heavy in perception with no int because I wanted to hit a lot.  I might have tried more int and perhaps on another run through but I am all about speed and accuracy.  I want to see proc after proc after proc.  If I lead with girdle knockdown and then blind them and then with deathblows and all the rest I am 3 to 4 round destroying even heavy hp enemies.  I just wish the invisibility was per encounter too.


I went with the main Rogue abilities like have already been posted here but I added Shadowing Beyond in there as that has saved my ass many many many times.  Using shadow to go around the mass group and single target casters has been a useful strat as well.  Its also risky


For enemies that are immune to pierce I have Ravenwing and Aattuuk


The rest of my gear that is important is I use padded armor the ring of wonder (second chance) tempered helm (defenses against prone and major boosts after kills) and Malinas boots.


My Rogue tops all my charts for damage and crits

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Not sure I'd call a Rogue OP by any stretch. They do about twice the single target damage of anyone else, of course, but they need team support to do so. They don't CC or Tank or Buff or AoE anything else particularly well while doing that crazy damage, and they need help to reach it. If one just cares about the damage number in the party screen, a Barb or a Caster will have a bigger number, but the Rogues damage drops one target from the fight quickly and moves onto the next, where the others leave them up longer.


Great class, of course, wonderful in a party and being the only real mechanic monkey in the game is a boon, but they're no caster class in OP'ness. As for weapon choice, I still like the Saber's I hawked in last post, with back up club/stillettos for things with crazy Slash DR. Just sabers though, as Rogues are one of the few (maybe only?) class that can consistently get mods high enough for fast weapons to overcome slow ones on the average DR. (I guess tech one should plays with expert mode off/memorizes mob DR, and hits 'C' to swap between fast/slow pair of weapons depending on the target.)


-edit- I see I said up there to take Deep Wounds. That was wrong of me, that's a very underwhelming talent. Not saying it shouldn't be taken, ever, but I should never mention it in a 'must have' up there with those actually good rogue talents.

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Deep wounds is not bad, it just happens to be better than the other choices available. I like it better than any one use per encounter attack buff and infinitely better than any per rest ability.


Most of my Rogues are functioning retards with 4 intellect and deep wounds still damages long enough that as long as I don't miss two times in a row with my pike the poison never stops.

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Hello OP,




That is a link to post 2.0 builds. It's a wonderful guide. Currently, I am playing the Prince of Persia Blue Edition build. Dual wielding sabres is fun and its wonderful having my rogue in the mix killing absolutely everything on my screen. 


If you have plenty of CC abilities in your party's arsenal, then the rogue with this build will decimate everything. it is a ton of fun to boot!

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Hello OP,




That is a link to post 2.0 builds. It's a wonderful guide. Currently, I am playing the Prince of Persia Blue Edition build. Dual wielding sabres is fun and its wonderful having my rogue in the mix killing absolutely everything on my screen.


If you have plenty of CC abilities in your party's arsenal, then the rogue with this build will decimate everything. it is a ton of fun to boot!

I'm using the same build and it has a lot more survivability than you might think without sacrificing anything in offense.

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