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Nightshroud Bug(?)



   Ok i was able to level it up where it says kill 13 humans or 65 enemies and ive done everything i can think of....away from the party all by myself and Nightshroud is the only weapon i have equiped...i am a thief and i just aint getting the counts when killing ogres and black oozes....havent tried humans yet....

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It won't get better once you get to humans, unless you are lucky and kill some of those that are correctly marked.


There are unfortunately lots of enemies that don't count for kills as human or otherwise when killing them with Nightshroud. This also affects the other weapons (e.g. not all blights count for the Greenstone staf blight kills), but Nightshroud has so high total kill numbers needed that it is more obvious. As an example, the Skaenite cultist temple outside Dyrford which appears to be full of humans won't actually be awarding you kills.


Known issue - see e.g. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/81698-nightshroud-not-registering-human-kills/?hl=nightshroud or similar thread for other soulbound weapons.

When I said death before dishonour, I meant it alphabetically.

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