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I don't actually like individual stealth

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It was touted as a big thing, but I don't actually like it. Admittedly, this is partially because I use IE Mod's fast scouting mod, but still. It's annoying to start combat with your characters in stealth, and you need to unstealth them individually. Most characters gain nothing from being in stealth, they just move slowly. Even with Rogues, it still doesn't make Backstab worthwhile.


It might be cool if attacking from stealth gave you an accuracy bonus of some kind, even with spells. Otherwise, meh. 

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you know u can just hit the "select all party members" button and then the "stealth" button right? this will either put everybody into stealth (provided nobody was in stealth or combat already) or if you have some in stealth and others that aren't it will just un stealth everyone, easy :)

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It is great for the tough fights were every shot counts.


But in routine encounters with trash mobs - were you aren't as focused - it nearly got me killed 2 or 3 times until I got used to it!


Your ranged chars start shooting and become visible, while your melee tanks are still stealthy. This means a lot of enemy projectiles hit your back row before your tanks actually enter the fight. Plus some of the enemies migh end up behind your tanks!


It's easy to work around, though. I played with formations a bit and now position my tanks manually, making fights more interesting.

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