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What is your opinion about the difficulty of The White March?

To sum it up, what is your experience with White March so far?  

23 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you find White March harder than the main campaign?

    • Yes, it is much harder.
    • It is noticeably harder.
    • The difficulty is around the same.
    • It is easier.
  2. 2. Is the difficulty of White March to your liking?

    • Yes.
    • No, it is too easy (on the highest difficulty)
    • No, it is too hard (on the lowest difficulty)

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With a level 12 party, it's been pretty easy for me thus far in hard mode (and I said yes to the higher difficulty pop up). Feels about on the same level with the rest of the game to me. I'm fine with that though, I don't need super challenging encounters, I'm playing mostly for the story. That said, I'm not rofl-stomping everything and flying through, the party are taking their fair share of hits and I'm resting once or twice per map. 


So yeah, I'm higher level than the content was designed for and I'd like to think I'm using fairly sound tactics—the difficulty is right where I want it to be. I'm playing a rogue with a blunderbuss who scouts out front and surprises the most vulnerable target. Then I usually switch him off to dual sabers and run him back behind Eder and Pallegina who take up the front line with the rogue's support. Middle of the pack are Aloth and Durance casting, with Zahua in back watching the rear.


Good times.   :thumbsup:

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I find the difficulty of White March more in line with what i want from the game though i feel like it's still a little easy but that's probably because i am vastly over leveled and geared for the xpac. Some of the fights in White March are brutal while others are boring. They may need to find a happy medium between filler fights and memorable fights. 

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I found the encounters within the White Marches to be about what I'm used to.

The dragon was pretty tough, but about standard for dragon fights in PoE



Cragholdt was noticeably more difficult though, and I absolutely loved it. Probably the best part of the entire expansion.

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I think the white march was harder but not that much harder. Maybe it's because the group i made when i started fresh had a lot of CC and off tanking (1 tank 2 off tanks and 2 CC).

I have yet to do the Alpine Dragon fight so i cant comment on that, but the rest was very manageable and i took a lot more fun than with the vanilla game.



Edit : i'm playing on hard, i hear PoTD white march is A LOT harder so i dont know

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