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soulbound weapons nr.

Guest FlorianGh

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I found the quarterstaff in Longfalls, in the southwestish-middleish part of the map.(I'm stuck on it's second level, killing blights, cause the only blights that are currently alive in my post-endgame run are Ice Blights from TWM, which are immune to crushing so I can't kill them with the staff. Ugh.)

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Where have you guys found them? I have 3: Greatsword, Estoc and Bow.

The Estoc was in a niche at the Falls, the bow on a balcony in the guard tower at the White Forge - the greatsword I think I found as loot in an encounter in one of the areas outside the White Forge.

The guy above me explained where to get the staff.


You get the mace in the second level of Durgan's Battery. You need to find all 3 sigils hidden in the area, then put them in the corresponding wall slots in the grand hall. After that you'll be able to loot the soulbound mace.

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When I picked up the bow, it lacked the string. Any tips on where to find it?


EDIT: Found the answer in another thread.

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