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"Multi-class" abilities

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Hey! Really loving the new "multi-class" abilities! Props to the Obsidian team! 


Only played a few hours so far, but made a new fighter-thief with high perception and apprentice's sneak. He was crit-ing left, right and center.


That being said, these abilities also result in many new questions. 


Sneak attack doesn't seem to work with spells for those who were wondering (sort of makes sense, with all that chanting and hand waving, you can't really sneak a fireball into someone's face)


I also tried Gallant Aura for the accuracy, but it seems to overlap with blessing (I was playing a priest at the time). It's always so hard to know which abilities / bonuses stack and which don't!


Anything interesting / effective you've discovered with these abilities? 



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Paladin auras doesn't stack with spell buffs.


So that's 100% normal.



By the way, there are rules, and there are exceptions.


Cautious attack does not stack wuth spells.


Circle of protection seems to stack with deflection buff.


Cipher's Body Atunement and Wild Leech stack with everything, but not borrowed instinct and psychovampiric shield. Basically if you get the same attribute as the one you've stolen, it stacks. If you get a different bonus (psychovampiric removes intellect and buff deflection), it does not stack.


Go figure...

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