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Pillars of Eternity: The White March - Part 1 Zahua Companion Video

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So there are two new high level talents for the monk:

- According to this video, summoning a fire and an ice copy of yourself to beat the crap out of everything

- According to josh in some quote I don't want to search for now, a passive ability that gives DT for each wound



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Gimme the robotic killer :p


Is it me or at the beginning of the vid there are a lot more skills to choose for monk ? Or is it exclusive to him.


Damn...Shadowrun today....WM in 5 days arghhh

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The talents you see at the beginnung are the multiclass talents that will be available in the expansion. It's one talent for every class other than your own and they are displayed in the class section.


Here is a reference of what I believe we know so far:


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