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[2.0] Flames of Devotion Locked by Sneaking Paladin AI



I've been running a Bleak Walker with the new AI packages activated within my party. I recently noticed that when the Paladin's AI (as applied to abilities, not auto-attack) is set to "Aggressive" and the paladin is sneaking, launching a first attack on an enemy automatically applies Flames Of Devotion to the attack, but not in the way it's supposed to.


When you set the paladin to attack in a normal fashion from concealment, the blue flame effect of Flames of Devotion activates on the character immediately (which is unusual, since it appears normally only when the blow is struck) and the ability is locked because it is "already activated".


Sometimes the ability applies as it should, sometimes it doesn't, but in all cases the Flames of Devotion ability doesn't unlock until a save is loaded. When a character attacking in the prescribed way is sidetracked by obstacles or by the AI choosing to attack a closer or engaged enemy, the ability is likewise locked down.


This doesn't seem to be an issue when entering in combat from out of concealment, and I can't replicate the problem from concealment when combat has already started. It seems to be an AI beginning-of-combat problem specifically with regard to stealth.


I've attached a screenshot showing the toolbar with ability locked after my character had attacked from concealment, had Flames of Devotion activate and then been prevented from reaching the target due to engagement by other enemies. Note that the FoD icon does not have a green border - it is not currently queued as an action but is flagged as "already activated" anyway.


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