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Barbarian Carnage with stilettos is silly...

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Two handed in general in this game could use some love.


You're kidding, right? Two-handed weapons in this game are beastly. They hit like trucks, and they get by far the best weapon talent in the game. Many have excellent starting enchantment profiles (Tidefall, I'm looking at you). Their only big problem are the doubled enchantment costs, which impose pretty heavily on your party.



I dont like that scimitar basically gets to hit as hard as a great sword


You may not like it, but it's a good design decision.


Personally, my only problem is that the stats for the saber and the axe should be flipped, since axes are currently the best weapons to single-wield by a pretty significant margin, and that's aesthetically displeasing to me.



Why do they all need to have the same damage values?


Because the simplicity of the system lends to a greater number of potentially "best" options for any given character, and a smaller loss when you don't go for the best choice.

If I'm typing in red, it means I'm being sarcastic. But not this time.

Dark green, on the other hand, is for jokes and irony in general.

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With estoc being the exception they don't hit that hard actually . Dual wield saber hits much harder. Keep in mind that the sabers strike over twice as fast at the same accuracy. I'll leave you to do your own tests .


Simplicity is not that great. I think there could be more variation while still maintaining balance. The balance is not perfect as it stands. At the moment if I want to make a defensive dual wielder I am forced to pick hatchet. More option and more varied bonuses would be nice

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