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Stuck on Citadel Station

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Hi. I've run into a fairly odd bug. When trying to leave Citadel Station, after getting on the shuttle, it'll fade to black as if to go to a cutscene, then cut back in to my character standing by the shuttle. The quest to leave has been finished and I can move my character around but the option to get on the shuttle is no longer there. I thought maybe it had something to do with a mod, but after removing the override folder and trying again, I found the problem persisted. I also thought maybe it had something to do with helping the Ithorians. This is definitely not my first playthrough, and my most recent one I played DS and helped Czerka. So, different shuttle. And I didn't run into the problem then. Sorry if I'm missing something obvious, I just can't seem to fix this. Thanks in advance for any effort put into helping at all.

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The only solution I've found so far is to use the "Skip Telos" mod, which while skipping the cinematics(obviously not a big deal) brings you straight to the surface without adding any items like those other cheat mods. So, I have a fix but am worried that the problem may continue to show up later in the game since I haven't actually solved it. 

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