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Outside of the somewhat interesting setting... looks to be a pretty boring combat rolling simulator just like the rest of them.

Perkele, tiädäksää tuanoini!

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I used a neat little random word generator and it gave me the words pale, crop, impact. I would stylise this as Pale Crop: Impact. It's a guaranteed megahit.



EDIT: Feel free to generate your own commercial goldmine with it. I tried again and got Passion: Crew Mistake. I probably can't sell that one, as it'd essentially be a Mass Effect knock-off.

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Chip: Third Stream.


Wow, thank you humanoid. I can already see the piles of cash being unloaded out of my new Bugatti Chiron parked in front of my new apartment in Monaco!

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Will it be later on PC?


Being a Sony exclusive there is practically no chance.


They published Everybody's Gone to the Rapture on PC, but it's the exception, not the norm. So there's a chance, but it's small enough to fall within the bounds of error.
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So buy a PS4 to play it.


I certainly will, if the game gets great reviews.   Horizon could be the game that  closes the deal for me to buy a Playstation.   (I've been wanting to play the Uncharted series and The Last of Us, but they haven't been quite enough to close the deal.)


If anything, Horizon could be a bad news for Microsoft and Xbox... piling atop of Naughty Dog, for which Microsoft does not have a countermeasure.  (I also don't have an Xbox One, and don't play to buy one.)

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