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Cinders of Faith quest reward bone to pick

Quest issue spoilers inside

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When you tell the head priestess that she has been rejected by Magran because she sent someone else to do her trial for her, you receive the worst reward. From listening to Durance and everything we've learned about Magran, that is the correct answer. The other answers are merely blowing smoke up her ass which Magran would not appreciate. 


At first I loaded and went with one of the fluff answers just to get the better reward but then went back and did it the first way and just decided to eat the negative reputation. It just seems bizarre and frankly wrong that the only Magran quest in defiance bay would reward dishonesty/weakness since everything we hear and know about Magran has her prizing brutal honesty and strength of character over all else. 



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A wild guess, but they don't get Magran. As far as the priestess/the city is concerned, you did your part. Durance notes right away that the very thing she believes in goes straight over her head. It was not Magran herself you dealt with but one of her followers, who is just as susceptible to flattery as the city itself. Reputation does not reflect godly favor.
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Is it a rule that picking the most good/lawful/in-character option always has to yield the best reward? 

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Durance is just as deluded as the rest of Magran's followers. Why not take advantage of them?

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