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Stronghold V1.08 Update Suggestions

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A few simple suggestions for making the Stronghold more alive. As the Stronghold is rebuilt the PC should encounter more NPCs roaming its grounds.


1. Rebuilding Brighthollow courtyard pool or the Keep adds a servant or two (NPC) that wanders about the first floor. The servant can alert the player to new events if asked;


Example: My Lord, the cook has a new recipe that he would like you to try.

Example: My Lord, the librarian would like to see you when you are available. He says that it is most important.

Example: My Lord, the gardener reports that a new plant has sprouted in the garden.

Example: My Lord, the spymaster would like to see you in the map room.


2. Rebuilding the Hearth adds a Cook (NPC) that periodically provides a player with a new food item.


3. Rebuilding the Library adds a Librarian (NPC) - that could be a source of quests for new enchantments or spells.


4. Rebuilding the Temple allows the player to select the religion of the Temple's Deity. This affects the priest's conversations with the player and may cause some companions to leave if their beliefs are diametrically opposed. (Good vs Evil) The priest could be a source of quests for his temple. These temple quests are determined by the deity of the temple priest.  Choose a different priest and you receive a different quest. A quest by one priest may ask you to protect a person, while the quest of another deity asks you to obtain vengeance and slay that same person.


5. Rebuilding the training ground adds two guards and watching sergeant (NPCs) that actively train - much like they do in the Knights Keep in Defiance Bay - during the day.


6. Rebuilding the walls of the Keep adds NPCs that patrol the walls, walking back and forth. They may even fire arrows at intruders from their perches atop the wall.


7. Building the garden adds a gardener ( NPC ) to the map. Talking to the gardener may on occasion unlock new recipes.


8. Allow the PCs to build a map room that adds a spy master ( NPC ) to the room. This spymaster can provide the player with news of the other kingdoms and the fractions of Defiance Bay, if asked. The map room contains a map of the realms. The spymaster may offer information that leads to new quests.


9. New Improvement: Market - (1000 GP) - during the day time hours a market is open on the grounds of Caed Nua. Each day a random number of NPC villagers (4 to 12) browse the market and talk to the merchants (2 to 4).

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