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Box Condition of Physical Rewards

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My box finally arrived today (France). Perfect condition, came in a big cardboard box + additional Polystyrene protections inside.

Took them an eternity (yeah, I know, not proud of that one :p) but god, it feels so good reading a manual, old-school style, with spell descriptions and all...

Very happy!

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I received my standard box about a week or two ago. It came in a bag and the game box was loose inside it.


Like others, mine was also partially crushed, with a tear and some denting.


Although I won't be seeking a replacement since this was a kickstarter/donation, I just wanted to leave my feedback here too.

I hope Paradox and Obsidian will get this feedback too and consider a different packaging method next time.

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I got my physical box two days ago, 3 months and 2 weeks after the game's release, but that's not the point. I'm patient and I was pretty happy with the fact that this game was being done in the first place. Also, I won't be able to play it for real when my university's project is finished in september, but anyway... My brother got the game back home (I'm studying abroad) and he sent me the pictures of the box's condition:







I'm still looking forward for this game's expansion and sequels. For the little I played of my digital copy, it looks sublime and I'm grateful for Obsidian. But having the physical game was part of the reason I backed it, and it is completely spoiled right now. I just really hope the lesson's learned for the subsequent games. 

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