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Box Condition of Physical Rewards

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Finally got my physical copy of PoE today. Yay! Good!


Was in a soft envelope (some bubble padding on the inside of the envelope). Uhh....maybe good?


Box was partially crushed/collaped from shipping in that. Not good!


Yeah, I'm sure we get plenty of physical reward topics, and yeah, I sent out a message through my account, so this isn't just a whine-fest. But what I do want to know from all the physical copy backers is:

-What was the box delivered in (envelope, box, etc.)?

-What was the physical condition of box (mint, minor damage, partially collapsed/crushed, badly damaged)?


(also, which reward did you get, because maybe they sent diffrent backers different ways?)

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Mine came in a thin bubble mailer and was crushed a little bit on one corner. Definitely a poor choice of shipping on Obsidian/Paradox's part. It makes me wonder what the point of partnering with paradox for distribution was if they did this bad of a job.

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Came here to voice similar displeasure and saw this thread.  Got the boxed CE a while back in a Priority Mail box iirc, no problems.  But the DRM-free discs arrived in a soft bubble mailer this week and had a loose disc (the Mac disc, which has some scratching due to coming loose and moving around inside the case).

I'm not sure if it was caused by the soft mailer offering insufficient protection or if the DVD case is of poor quality and doesn't adequately grip the discs or if it was caused during the manufacturing process.
I'd appreciate a replacement if possible and sent a message via Kickstarter.
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Three long creases, two small creases, and a bunch of random scratching.


Came packed tightly in a bag (yes, bag) with hardly any air in the bubble lining on the inside. The tee shirt (received earlier) was similarly packed very tightly and I can imagine if someone resorted to using scissors, they would cut right through the shirts.


I feel really bummed out about this. I'm a passionate fan and resisted playing Pillars when it released because I wanted that great nostalgic moment of delicately opening a mint condition big box, paging through the manual, installing from a disc, and watching the percentage bar fill to epic music.


Now I just feel let down.


The Collector's Edition got sturdier shipping material? I'm sorry I don't have more money, but that doesn't make me treasure it less.


Pillars of Eternity is an important moment in the history of game development, but the condition of this box does not at all reflect that at all.


Obsidian, I love you.


But your partnership with Paradox for distribution makes me sad.


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Mine was a padded envelope, with some minor damage, probably from something heavy being on top of it. But everything inside the box was fine.

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Yep just got mine right now here in AUS.

Regular envelope, no bubble wrap or anything.


Creasing and dents and banged up all over.

****ing pathetic.


Won't be backing any future kickstarters from these guys at physical tiers and will be doing everything I can to warn others away from those upper ones also if this is what we can expect to receive.

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Same here :) The DVD box arrived today in pristine condition, just as the rest of the Collector's Edition had :) I'm also surpised to find a DVD for Linux and Mac OS each as well as the one for Windows - kudos to Obsidian and Paradox for that!

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