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No Focus Gain from Targetting Charmed/Dominated/Confused Targets



On my solo run last night I found that enemies I affected with the confused condition from Mind Plague were not giving my Cipher focus upon attack. 


My guess is there is some code that prevents you from attacking your allies to gain cheap focus, and that allegiance-switching/-blurring spells make a target your ally for the duration. This is seen by their target circle changing from red to green on many such spells.


I imagine that this would be a pretty simple fix to add a flag to your party members preventing focus gain, but then some code to allow gain from any other target regardless of allegiance.


Version: 1.06

Steps to reproduce: Use Mind Plague on a group of enemies from stealth. When confusion sets in for target, start shooting with a ranged weapon. Focus will no go up. I noticed this while fighting Crystal Eaters on Level 12 of Od Nua.

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