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[Suggestion] More Control Over Dialogue Progression

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When talking to NPCs in PoE, there are two types of dialogue.


1. Bold white text to signify spoken words.

2. Grey text to signify emotions, mannerisms, expressions, etc.


Problem: Many times the grey text is so long that I either have to read it while trying to listen to the spoken words (difficult and not immersive), or pay attention to the spoken words and go back and read the grey text (pointless because dialogue is chronological and those actions would have already taken place). It makes it difficult to really imagine the character's motives and intentions.


Solution: I think it would benefit the story AND the game play if we had the option to manually advance the dialogue. Specifically, spoken dialogue would not automatically trigger after grey text until the player chose it to. This would give us time to read the expressions of the NPC and allow us to better imagine the nature of the character's emotions before the words were spoken.



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