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"Arcane Assault" no longer working since 1.06

Lythe Vodaine



Before patch 1.06 I used to start every combat by casting "Arcane Assault" with both of my wizzards. For that I'd sneak up on my enemies with them, bring the others into position and cast the spell; then I'd attack with my melee fighters while my wizzards cast their second "Arcane Assault". As of 1.06 however, "Arcane Assault" apparently can no longer be cast while in sneak mode. The wizzard starts casting it, but he only stutters where he stands, while his grimoire opens and closes. The sound of the spell is played, but there is no projectile and the spell is not finished (no impact).


Steps to Reproduce the Issue:

(1) Make a party with a wizzard

(2) Go into sneak mode

(3) Cast "Arcane Assault" anywhere


Important Files:



See attached Savegame.zip. My party is in Esternwood and in sneak mode.


Output Log

See attached output_log.txt.


System Specs

See attached DxDiag.txt.








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