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We should just build us some troll constructs. :D


(As an aside, anyone noticed that with the expansion, we'll get an artificial Devil to complement the artificial gods? wink.png)

The Devil isn't artificial in the way that the gods are though. Her body is a construct, her soul used to belong to a woman of flesh and blood... unless there is a twist somewhere.

Heh; twist: her body is actually flesh-and-blood with metallic body-painting applied, but her soul comes from a cheeseburger.


You are trolling by calling me a troll.


Maybe its to hard for you to grasp that some of us think for ourselves. We dont buy into societies absurd sect ideas

Sect ideas he said...


Someone give this guy a stage, please! This stand-up comedy must prevail!

Arent you that crazy feminist that got upset because i didnt use 50% women in my groups?


I can do some standup if you ever leave the stage.

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 Yeah, I don't think 'turtles all the way down' is necessarily satisfying either. I think that the interesting part is the 'we didn't find what we wanted so we made something up and stopped looking' angle. There are a lot of directions they could go with this and it will be interesting to see where it ends up. (It might end up with 'we still don't know' which is ok if it's well written).


Yeah, I think the "We found nothing and stopped looking" angle was pretty interesting.  And I think it would be cool if it turned out that there were gods out there but were either


a) totally uncaring of mortals or

b) so subtle/alien that their presence is virtually impossible to detect.


Heck just hinting that such beings could possibly exist would be interesting, adding a new layer to "what do you believe?"  The gods of the Engwithans are real, tangible beings that represent concepts we understand.  But are still constructs of mortals.  Or these remote, ethereal beings which might or might not even exist.

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There are different notions of gods throughout fantasy. These could easily be considered gods in the Forgotten Realms or other fantasy setting sense, in that they are not omni present or all knowing. That's frankly a judeo christian understanding of gods, and not something the Romans or Greeks, as an example, believed. I don't know where Hindu and Sikh would stand either as they have a pantheon of sorts (from my very limited understanding) as well.


So, they can easily be considered Gods, created by man, makes me think of Saberhagen.

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