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[1.05] Potential bug with Confused status effect



When you force an attack on a confused enemy (by pressing A or clicking on the Sword icon), the enemy doesn't break away from the Confused status effect. I don't know if this works as intended, but if it does, then it can easily be exploited by attacking them and not having them retaliate.


Weren't enemies supposed to break away from all charm/dominate/confuse effects if there were no characters or creatures hostile to the player?

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- There are 3 teams in this game, your team, the enemy team, and neutrals.

- Your team is allied with neutrals, enemy team is enemy with neutrals.

- Your team and neutral team's buffs affect both your team and neutral team, you can't attack/engage each other without force attack, you can't affect each other with foe only abilities.

- When you do any damage or apply a debuff to a neutral all of current map's neutrals become part of enemy team.

- Confusion/Charm/Dominate abilities make enemies into special neutrals: neutrals that won't become enemies when you do damage or debuff them and won't turn other neutrals into enemies if force attacked.

- Confusion/Charm/Dominate from enemies make your team or neutrals into enemies.

- You can see who is neutral by using IEMOD and enabling the option for blue selection circles for neutrals.


 I have no idea why neutrals aren't blue without the mod, it makes this kind of thing so confusing for no gain at all.

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