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It's just Nyry the Deft Hand, his brother Nyry the Deft Hand and his other brother Nyry the Deft.  It's common in their culture for brothers to have the same name, similar to Texas Rangers baseball player Rougned Odor and his brother Rougned Odor.

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Has anyone tested: If you get a 'bad visitor' - can you find them in the keep and kill them to remove the reputation loss?

(just thinking out loud - whenever a 'wanted criminal' arrived, I wanted to take them prisoner but that's not an option)


I just did, few minutes ago. Worked pretty well, actually. Just murdered him inside the keep and the bad reputation was gone. Beautiful.


Thank you for the inspiration.


I'm afraid that may not have worked as well as you'd expect (unless some bug fix has changed the game's behaviour since I tried it).


You know, I never thought about it although it's rather obvious. Another question to ask would be if the game is smart enough to remove them for good or if they return anyway. You always get the same trio as far as I can tell.

It's smart enough to remove their physical existence from the world, and to restore your stronghold's stats when they die. However, the stronghold system seems not to realise they should be permanently dead, so they can come back despite no longer having bodies.


Has this been reported as a bug?


Not by me, but maybe someone has passed on the reports in this Codex thread: http://www.rpgcodex.net/forums/index.php?threads/poe-bug-reports-thread.98064/#post-3826061

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