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Yeah, finally done. I installed the game during the day of release and started playing but I left it waiting due to patches and other games coming out.
Couple days ago I started playing it again and finally finished it. Clocked a total of 84 hours according to Steam, I do believe I covered majority of the quests the game provided and finished the Endless Paths as well..

I gotta say, when I first started the game the setting felt odd, quirky, hard to get into because it felt.. well.. almost too different from the fantasy games I'm more used to.
The more I played, the more I learned about the world, the more I started to like it. There was that familiarity, yet it also introduced less used or new themes into the fantasy field as well.
Made me think of how difficult it is to make games like this, gotta give something for the players to hold onto and pull them in without drowning them in the information overflow.. Don't want to be too much of a cliche either, need to have something of your own to make the setting stand out.
Now that I'm finally done, I gotta say it's quite an interesting setting, the world, the nations, the people, the religions and everything.


As a Kickstarter backer I'm satisfied with the game, Obsidian delivered what I hoped for. The games finale even gave me some of those Torment vibes, when everything was finally revealed. I like a game that can make me pause and think about stuff, the big questions and all. The antagonist was an Irenicus level of a bad guy, if you ask me.(Though having a David Warner level of a voice actor tends to make them more memorable :p)
Obviously I would have loved to see more of everything.. but considering the limitations of the development, it was quite a package.

Not sure if I can bring myself to start a new game anytime soon, but I'm definitely looking forward to the expansion... and hopefully a sequel as well.

So, thanks to everyone involved in creating this game, and thanks to all the fellow backers for making it happen. Phew!

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Very nice report on the game.  As far as replaying it remember that using a different character and making different choices does change the game.  

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Let's just hope for an epic poe 2, I keep wondering if they made there money back on this one, but honestly, if they do sell a millions copies, that's like, 40mil vs what, 12 mil? that went into it? Maybe we'll even get a full blown POE 3? I'm very much looking forward to the future.


Also, class kits, please obsidian, my only request.

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Yeah I was actually astonished how much you could influence the epilogue of the game. In my game, for example, I missed the quest with the return of Raedric and got a notice in the epilogue that Raedric wiped out Gilded Vale. Depending on how you propagate Animancy, the epilogue will also tell you how Defiance Bay reconsidered and accepted Animancy. Also, if you don't destroy the machine in heritage hill, the events that led to the undead plague will be repeated.


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Nexus0 - this game had a budget of 4 million that were collected via Kickstarter, plus an undisclosed amount Obsidian poured into it (Brandon confirmed this but I don't have a handy link to the post.)


Based on Steamspy figures, it is legit to assume PoE earned Obsidian upward of 10 million in net profit.

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— Kvothe, The Wise Man's Fears

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