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[Modding] Per-encounter spells



Is there any way to revert lvl 1 and lvl 2 spells to their per-rest behavior after reaching clvl 9 and 11, respectively? In my opinion, having the lower level spells become per-encounter abilities trivializes the difficulty of the game because, unlike older IE games, low level spells in PoE are still fairly powerful/useful.

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Some bg spells

Sleep - Foe aoe prone (lvl5 and below enemies), sets deflection=0, duration 30seconds/level & enemy saves at -15% penalty
Spook - confuse & enemy save at -30% penalty

Glitterdust - Foe Aoe -20% accuracy&all defenses
Stinking Cloud - pulsing Slicken
Hold Person - Foe Aoe Kith paralyze & set deflection to 0
Resist Fire/Cold - halves fire/cold damage (stacks with other dr)

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Aloth can cast Slicken 7 times in every battle (+1 from talent; +2 from a ring). How in the hell is this not broken?


Yeah, I know I can "gimp" myself and avoid using the spell, but why should I (or any other player who wants a challenge) have to resort to that instead of having the devs a) remedy this poor gameplay design or b) give player an option to fix the problem themselves. One thing I loved about Skyrim, Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas is that I could use TESEdit, F3Edit and FNVEdit, respectively, to modify the things that trivialized the difficulty/challenge.


Mods, you could probably move this thread to General Discussion.

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