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How did you guys deal with this on path of the damned? I had to hope I could get them prone and wail on them with aoes before enough got up to wreck my party. All I know is within a split second or 1-2 seconds they were paralyzed/stunned for 14-30 seconds even with that anti paralysis/stun buff from the priest. Then if they didn't get paralyzed/stunned, they got dominated just as quick as the stun. It was pretty irritating since even if you cast that priest end spell that protects against it, it mostly goes through so I had to start all over again until I got lucky. Not really ideal. I also brought my cipher along to re dominate but GM had to get really close to pull it off and those vithracks just imediately targeted her for stun and domination as soon as she was in range.

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Scrolls of Paralysis is really handy for this fight, as you can quickly paralyze most, if not all, of the enemy group for long enough to start taking them apart. A high level Wizard can do much the same, but with their casting times, you'll likely still get hit by CC before the Wizard can finish casting a Call to Slumber or what have you.

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