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A question about killing random npcs

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I don't have anything against 'morality' of murdering all npcs but I am not sure if it isn't seriously harming roleplay values of a game...


What if I'm roleplaying a Druid that loses control of his actions when in bearform? Or just a psychopath that only feels joy when he has blood on his face and gold in his hands? Roleplaying is what you put into it, especially in a game like this. It's not like the actions in my game affects the action in yours. :) The important thing is to have fun playing the game your way. My initial post was asking you all whether or not I'd be able to finish the game based on my psycho-murder saved game.


Besides I didn't murder everyone. I mean, if I kill the vendors how will I spend my gold on shiny loots?


I have since created a new game and am playing it smarter. I now generally just kill people that are hostile to me. Sometimes I make them hostile to me, but usually only after I've completed their quest. :alienani:

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I a game where you don't get kill XP from humanoids, whats the point in killing everyone? The cheap trash loot?


Most of the time, you will actually cut you off from some quest XP by just murdering everyone.


While I'm pretty certain you haven't read much of the thread, I'd disagree. If you killed everyone (or nearly, leaving one shopkeeper alive :)  you'd make the maximum amount of money possible. Afterall there are many houses you can't loot unless you kill it's occupants.


And that trash loot starts to add up real fast. Y'know the more I think about it, the more I want to start killing every quest giver once I complete their quest, just to see how much I can make in the end. Up until now I just kill the odd one, as bearmode demands it.

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@abaris: I started getting diamonds before I was at a level to be able use them.


Two words: Where from?



Oh, you're right to ask this. I thought the level for +2 attributes (level 5) was the same as for Exceptional quality (level 8 ) . And that's a big difference, isn't it? But I have to say it doesn't change my opinion about crafting. I still find it somewhat effortless to instantly bake exotic cookies, brew complex potions, or perform powerful weapon enchantments whilst knee-deep in sewage in Raederic's dungeon - without, mind you, ever having had to learn or practice how to do any of these things.


I do get that this stuff is hard to balance. Freedom in one area often means restriction in another. And I definitely get why people want lots of customization and also why they don't want an overly-burdensome crafting system. And It's too much (perhaps even insulting) to ask for a start-of-the-game on/off option for something so complex to implement. So a pared down system seems the best solution. It's just that imo this systems seems to be rather heavily weighted on the get-a-lot-for-minimal-effort side of the scale.


Edited for unintentional smiley.

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