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Hey, I have this problem where no matter what I do, Kelborn won't contact me to tell me that I can return to Onderon.

A extensive Google search revealed a few details as to why this is:
I'm using The Restored Content Mod, which *may* be contributing to the issue and I chose to go to Onderon as my last planet.

The quest "Master Of The Palace" and "Lost Jedi" both say that Master Kavar was forced to flee when we met in the Onderon Cantina, telling me to "bide my time" until he contacts me.
As most people don't do Onderon first, this is usually when they do the other planets and he contacts them later on.

I made a fresh save and messed around with the both of the quests using KSE (KoTOR Save Editor) in an attempt to artificially move them forward, with no luck. The quests would move forward in my Journal, but Kelborn still wouldn't contact me.

He just kept saying that he'd let me know if there was "any change planet side" which would allow me to return to Onderon.

I have since reverted to the save where both quests are where they were to begin with.

Here are a few other forum posts which also show the problem:


This post here suggested I use KSE:


One guy says that he saw a walk-through where if you chose Onderon as your last planet, you just have to wait a few hours in-game for the message from Kelborn to trigger. Another guy said that wasn't true, but I'm going to give it a shot none-the-less.

If anyone has ANYTHING which they think may be causing the issue, or a way to trigger the message I would be extremely thankful, I'm getting pretty desperate now. I'm coming to the end of the game and don't want all these hours to go to waste and force me to start over.

Thanks in advance

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I guess no one ever replied to this.  I was wondering when I would get Kelborn's message too in my playthrough, as I had done all the planets.  But when I finished the droid planet mod I finally got that cutscene when I boarded the Ebon Hawk.  Maybe you had that installed and hadn't finished it yet.

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