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I liked:


- The arrival to Gilded Vale,

- The Raedric Hold quest with the combat to lord Raedric and his guards

- The Raedric zombie battle

- Blood Legacy quest

- Wander through Defiance Bay

- The final combat

- The plot in general, with Thaos, the soul machines, and the false gods

- The setting is superb: adra, souls and thieir study, renaissance, fanatism, history of the Easter Reach.


In general, writters have done a beautiful work

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1) Durance's quest. I have never expected to be so moved by the quest consisting only of dialogue - guess I need to play story-concentrated games more instead of Mass Effect Hollywood-like stuff. And they way it is connected to the main story is brilliant. I really want to see Durance in PoE sequel, he can be turned into even more interesting character with his entire personality so changed over the course of the game.

2) Eder's quest. I love, love, love this one because how... non-Hollywood, how unusual for video games and primitive storytelling, how deep it's ending was. After the long search you... Don't find anything. Eder's brother is dead and his motivations are unknown forever; Eder has to deal with it and choose his own path. I expected some plot twist like 'mwahaha Eder's brother is evil let's punch him' and the lack - no, not merely lack of; the denial of - plot twist here really moved me. Wow.

3) Raedric's quest. I had really hard moral dilemma and the moment I have reached bedroom, oh god. Also this quest was wonderfully not linear, I managed to do it quietly and had awesome battle only in the end.

4) Skaen cultist's quest in Dyrford. Blood pool, hidden creepy sect... And the moment when I realized the 'lover' has kidnapped and brainwashed his 'beloved' girlfriend, I was genuinely shocked (a bit).

5) That Galawain's god quest in Twin Elms when you had to choose the animal champion more deserving a victory. This was so original and interesting dilemma, I really liked that because in order to complete that quest I had for a while to think like Glanfantan hunters here, to shake up my usual moral hierarchy and really think which of those beasts is stronger and deserves god's glory more.

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