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I am currently working my way through the Endless Paths and it occurred to me how nice it would be to see a replay of my most recent battle or even the most epic battles of my 'campaign'.  As players we spend all of our combat time micro-managing the scenario with very little time to sit back and enjoy the show.  Imagine, at the conclusion of a long and draining battle being able to watch the encounter again at a preferred speed and, do I dream too much, perspective.  There could be a site where players post their encounters for other players to rate and comment on, glory beckons! 


Food for thought anyway.


And yes, I do know about You Tube.

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I strongly agree. I have been thinking the same thing: that fights are paused too much to appreciate the whole battle and animations happening.


I doubt we'd ever get a different perspective because the maps aren't volumetric. They're just 2D art with some transparency here and there.

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... and, do I dream too much, perspective.

You do. ;)

As waenc said, the maps aren't really three-dimensional. What you're seeing, is basically an optical illusion looking as if it were 3D.

This video from the Kickstarter shows an example of a PoE area rotated around: It's a 2D image skewed in a way to look "real" from exactly one camera perspective. Changing perspective is simply not possible with the technology used by PoE.

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